Friday, November 26, 2010


The congress president,
The executive members,
The honorable congress members,
My beloved Nigerians present, I welcome you all

Glory be to almighty God (I am that I am) for making it possible for us to be together once more and witness today’s NUV general meeting with joy and happiness.

May I also take this opportunity to welcome you all, and to extend a further word of welcome to everyone who receive our invitation and are present just because of your love for Nigerians in general

My beloved Nigerians, our presence today once again shows a sign of greatness, love, peace, harmony and commitment among all of us which is a good step for the betterment of all Nigerians residing in Vietnam.

After our last general meeting, the Executive and Congress arm of our beloved Union went about to do the work we are all chosen for by disposing our duties accordingly and I would like to use this medium to thank all Nigerians who stood strongly behind the Union for us to be able to discharge our duties perfectly for the welfare for all Nigerians in Vietnam and for peace to reign within our community.

My special thanks go to those Nigerians who remain adamant about the prospect and the positive future of our beloved Union making phone calls to officers of the Union day and night and sharing their ideals and advice. Am using this medium to say thank you, to you all, and May GOD in his infinite mercy bless you all.

I will be glad to inform you all that I and 2 executive officers of our beloved union in Vietnam (Provost and Treasurer) represent the Union at the 50th anniversary of our Beloved Nation (Nigeria) held in the Kingdom of Thailand in which we are giving a warm welcome and I gave a speech on the auspicious occasion. (You can visit the union’s website on to read the President speech)
The Nigerian Ambassador to Thailand His Excellency Senator Azores Umoru in his own speech on behalf of the Nigerian Community in Thailand thanks us and extends their sincere greetings to you all.

As we all know that the Old Nigerian Passport will be invalid as from the 31st of December 2010 which will be a big hindrance to traveling plans for Nigerians traveling to other Countries EXCEPT Nigeria, Senator Azores Umoru the Nigerian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand advice us to get a Guarantor Letter from the Nigerian Embassy in Hanoi and we should proceed to Malaysia where the Federal Government designated for all Nigerians in South East Asia to acquire the New Nigerian Passport.
I pray God should assist us financially on this task.

My beloved brothers, Upon all the good work of the Union, upon all the selfless service of the Executives, Hon. Congress members and the Nigerian Union in general some so called people are still out to tarnish our Image and destroy our reputation. Reports reaching us indicate that there are some Nigerians in Vietnam that are still engaging in some business that might damage our improved image in Vietnam. They are engaged in business like money laundry and printing of fake US dollars to deceive Vietnamese and other foreigners. Arraignments are going on between the union and the Vietnamese authority on how we can checkmate these so called Nigerians activities. For you all great Nigerians in Vietnam and lovers of equal right and justice to enjoy your living in Vietnam, the Union shall need your help and necessary information about the where about of these people.

Also I receive a report from the Vietnamese immigration unit after my return from Thailand that some Nigerians deported out of Vietnam are back here with different identification (names and passport number) with the help of some of the Nigerian legal companies in Vietnam standing as their sponsor. The Union is totally against these set of people and are strongly in support of their prosecution in the hands of the Vietnamese authority when time comes.

In today’s meeting, and as I always plead with you all, I would like you to use this medium to express yourselves positively, contribute positively and bring out ideas that will move the Union forward and you should bring out factors that will make us achieve what we are all called for i.e. the welfare of all Nigerians in Vietnam. I also plead with you all to show love, respect and be articulate in all your questions and advice in today’s meeting so that we can be able to make a better decision.

Like I always said, we might think we are at this point uniting Nigerians but we might end up bringing all Africans and Blacks together by changing the minds of the authorities with our courage and sacrifices.

Lastly, I plead with you all here today that you should go all out by preaching the good and true gospel of this Union to your brothers out there who are not privilege to be invited for today’s meeting and you should know that, you all here today are leaders and you must show it by example.

Once again I welcome you all in today’s general meeting and I thank you all, even with your busy schedule you are still able to accept our invitation and also able to come because of your love for Nigerians in general.


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