Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hot News :Meet an officer of the Nigerian Union in Vietnam (MR SOMUADINA CHUKA EMMANUEL)

MR SOMUADINA CHUKA EMMANUEL A.K.A [OBOSI] is the Current Internal Auditor of the Nigerian Union in Vietnam (NUV).
He is one of the Founders of this great Union. With his zeal and sacrifices, he is among the top officers of the Union that ensure that Nigerians in Vietnam have a good image. He also contributes strongly, making sure that many Nigerians in Vietnam are living legally. As an intelligent officer in the Union, Somuadina Emmanuel popularly known as Obosi by all Nigerians in Vietnam is a leader by example to all Nigerians resident in Vietnam. Formally the Chairman Immigration Matters (CIM) of the Nigerian Union in Vietnam, a position he held from April 2009 to July 2010. Mr. Somuadina Emmanuel with his experience in Vietnam for 4years has succeeded and contributes in all quotas of the Union’s activity.
Presently the Chief Executive Officer of CESCA ROYAL CONCEPT LTD a Company that is into Trading , Exportation and Importation of all kinds of Goods in Vietnam with their Head office at No 894 Lac Long Quan. F.8 Tan Binh District, Ho chi minh City, Vietnam, Mr. Somuadina Emmanuel is a successful and respectable Businessman in Vietnam.
As the Internal Auditor of the Union, Mr. Somuadina Emmanuel shall have responsibility for the efficient preparation of the NUV’s account. He shall be responsible for ensuring that proper accounting procedures are followed. He shall liaise with the Vice President to effect a quarterly appraisal of the NUV’s account and shall have responsibility for ensuring that the current year’ audited account. He shall audit the NUV’s account semi annually. He shall carry out all such duties incidental to the office of the Internal Auditor.
You can contact Mr. Somuadina Emmanuel (Internal Auditor) on Telephone No: +84986315055 and Email: CESCAROYALCONCEPTLTD@YAHOO.COM or CHUKSCALLON@YAHOO.COM on Nigerian Union in Vietnam matters.

Hot News :Meet an officer of the Nigerian Union in Vietnam(MR EZENECHE UZOCHUKWU JEROME)

MR EZENECHE UZOCHUKWU JEROME (BLESSED TEN TEN) is the Treasurer of Nigerian Union in Vietnam (NUV). A position he held from April 2009 till date.
He is one of the officers of the Old Union that was re-elected into the Executive cabinet of the current Union in 2009.Popularly known as Blessed Ten Ten because of his unique Date of Birth i.e. October 10. Mr. Ezeneche Jerome is one of the first Africa Chief Representative Officer in Vietnam with his STK Industries Limited a division of STK Groups is the first Nigerian company established in Vietnam in 2007.
Ezeneche Jerome has work diligently for Nigerian Union in Vietnam. Apart from been the Treasurer of the Union, Ezeneche Jerome is mostly known with his efforts,making sure that there is peace among Nigerians in Vietnam.
A humanitarian of highest extreme, Ezeneche Jerome is the Coordinator of the Nigerian Union first visit to the Motherless Home in Quchi area of Ho chi minh City, Vietnam. His Company STK Industries Limited is into Trading, Business consultation and Air &Sea freight services. They also operate one of the best African restaurants in Vietnam. STK Industries Limited head office is located at No 190a Quach Dinh Bao Street, Phu Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District in Ho Chi Minh City.
As the Treasurer of the Union, Mr. Ezeneche Jerome shall prepare semi – annual budgets for approval by the Union. He shall receive and pay into the Union’s bank account designated for that purpose all monies received by him on behalf of the Union within 72 hours thereof. He shall not be obliged to pay any bill save the payment voucher prepared by him or the financial secretary unless it has been signed at the Executive meeting by the President or the Vice President and the Financial Secretary and the recipient of the said payment. He shall together with the President and the Financial Secretary sign all cheques, legal tenders or vouchers however called. He shall carry out all duties incidental to the office of the Treasurer.
You can contact Mr. Mr. Ezeneche Jerome on Telephone Nos: +84862676233 & +84907258801 and Email: on Nigerian Union in Vietnam matters.

Monday, October 4, 2010

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His excellence Senator Azores Umaru,
The Ambassador Nigeria Embassy in the Kingdom of Thailand,
The President Nigerian Community Association in Thailand (Mr. Lloyd Nwofor),
The entire staffs of the Nigeria Embassy in the Kingdom of Thailand
The Executive Arm of the Nigerian Community Association in Thailand,
The Chairman Organizing Committee of this great event,
Distinguished Guest,
Members of the Press,
Ladies and Gentlemen

It’s a great honor and privilege for me and other Nigerian representatives from Vietnam to be here today and celebrate with you the 50years Anniversary of our great Nation (Nigeria). I consider myself fortunate having the Opportunity to address you all on this sacred day of our Independent. On this auspicious occasion, I extend my hearty greetings to you all.

My special thanks goes to the Ambassador of Nigeria to Thailand, His Excellency Senator Azores Umaru, The President Nigerian Community Association in Thailand, Mr. Lloyd Nwafor and all members of the Organizing Committee of this great event for their tireless effort and initiative ,making sure that we all here can celebrate 50years of our great Nation in a wonderful way.

Today is most certainly a day of happiness and pride for us. We are proud of our freedom. We are proud of our democracy. We are proud of our values and ideals. But we should also remember that it has taken the sacrifices of our forefathers to bring us where we are today. Our well being and progress have been built upon the foundation of the hard work and sacrifices of our freedom fighters, the brave Sudana of Sokoto, Alhaji Tafawa Balewa, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and Chief Nnamdi Azikwe and so on.

Today, we remember all those martyrs who laid down their lives for the freedom and security of our country. The best way of paying homage to those brave sons of our country will be to resolve today that we will always stay committed to strengthening the unity and integrity of our nation. Let us all together take a vow that we will spare no effort to take Nigeria to greater heights.

Nigerian Association in Thailand have made a great and positive signal to all Nigerians in the Diaspora ,a signal that will make us serve our father land with love , strength and faith, a signal that will make we all in the Diaspora build a Nigerian community where peace and justice shall reign.

I would also share with you all today the secret that lead to the success of the Nigerian Association in Vietnam. The secret that brought smiles back to faces of more than 300 Nigerians in Vietnam. It’s simply the 14 Principle of Human Relation which says….

H Have self confidence
U Understand the viewpoint of others
M Make yourself the friend of all
A Admit it when you are wrong
N Never make promises you cannot keep

R Respect and courtesy are important
E Explain thoroughly
L Look, listen & learn
A Avoid arguments
T Try to be approachable and sociable
I Insist on selfless service to the community
O Others first, self last
N Never criticize in public
S Stress and positive always

My beloved Nigerians in Thailand, Nigeria is a Country considered by many nations as the Giant of Africa, a Country full on milk and honey, a Country blessed with talents in all fields all over the world and a country blessed with you and me. The future of our great Nation is in our hands. I hereby plead with you leaders here today that we should keep on finding ideas that will lead our great nation to the dreams of our fathers.

We might think we are at this point uniting Nigerians but we might end up bringing all Africans and blacks together by changing the minds of all black nations with our courage and sacrifices.

Lastly, on behalf of all Nigerian Union members in Vietnam (NUV) I say thank you to the Ambassador, the President (NCAT) and his Executives, all the Nigeria Embassy staffs, the Organizers of this great event and to all Nigerians residing in Thailand.

May GOD bless and be with you all.