Friday, November 26, 2010


The congress president,
The executive members,
The honorable congress members,
My beloved Nigerians present, I welcome you all

Glory be to almighty God (I am that I am) for making it possible for us to be together once more and witness today’s NUV general meeting with joy and happiness.

May I also take this opportunity to welcome you all, and to extend a further word of welcome to everyone who receive our invitation and are present just because of your love for Nigerians in general

My beloved Nigerians, our presence today once again shows a sign of greatness, love, peace, harmony and commitment among all of us which is a good step for the betterment of all Nigerians residing in Vietnam.

After our last general meeting, the Executive and Congress arm of our beloved Union went about to do the work we are all chosen for by disposing our duties accordingly and I would like to use this medium to thank all Nigerians who stood strongly behind the Union for us to be able to discharge our duties perfectly for the welfare for all Nigerians in Vietnam and for peace to reign within our community.

My special thanks go to those Nigerians who remain adamant about the prospect and the positive future of our beloved Union making phone calls to officers of the Union day and night and sharing their ideals and advice. Am using this medium to say thank you, to you all, and May GOD in his infinite mercy bless you all.

I will be glad to inform you all that I and 2 executive officers of our beloved union in Vietnam (Provost and Treasurer) represent the Union at the 50th anniversary of our Beloved Nation (Nigeria) held in the Kingdom of Thailand in which we are giving a warm welcome and I gave a speech on the auspicious occasion. (You can visit the union’s website on to read the President speech)
The Nigerian Ambassador to Thailand His Excellency Senator Azores Umoru in his own speech on behalf of the Nigerian Community in Thailand thanks us and extends their sincere greetings to you all.

As we all know that the Old Nigerian Passport will be invalid as from the 31st of December 2010 which will be a big hindrance to traveling plans for Nigerians traveling to other Countries EXCEPT Nigeria, Senator Azores Umoru the Nigerian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand advice us to get a Guarantor Letter from the Nigerian Embassy in Hanoi and we should proceed to Malaysia where the Federal Government designated for all Nigerians in South East Asia to acquire the New Nigerian Passport.
I pray God should assist us financially on this task.

My beloved brothers, Upon all the good work of the Union, upon all the selfless service of the Executives, Hon. Congress members and the Nigerian Union in general some so called people are still out to tarnish our Image and destroy our reputation. Reports reaching us indicate that there are some Nigerians in Vietnam that are still engaging in some business that might damage our improved image in Vietnam. They are engaged in business like money laundry and printing of fake US dollars to deceive Vietnamese and other foreigners. Arraignments are going on between the union and the Vietnamese authority on how we can checkmate these so called Nigerians activities. For you all great Nigerians in Vietnam and lovers of equal right and justice to enjoy your living in Vietnam, the Union shall need your help and necessary information about the where about of these people.

Also I receive a report from the Vietnamese immigration unit after my return from Thailand that some Nigerians deported out of Vietnam are back here with different identification (names and passport number) with the help of some of the Nigerian legal companies in Vietnam standing as their sponsor. The Union is totally against these set of people and are strongly in support of their prosecution in the hands of the Vietnamese authority when time comes.

In today’s meeting, and as I always plead with you all, I would like you to use this medium to express yourselves positively, contribute positively and bring out ideas that will move the Union forward and you should bring out factors that will make us achieve what we are all called for i.e. the welfare of all Nigerians in Vietnam. I also plead with you all to show love, respect and be articulate in all your questions and advice in today’s meeting so that we can be able to make a better decision.

Like I always said, we might think we are at this point uniting Nigerians but we might end up bringing all Africans and Blacks together by changing the minds of the authorities with our courage and sacrifices.

Lastly, I plead with you all here today that you should go all out by preaching the good and true gospel of this Union to your brothers out there who are not privilege to be invited for today’s meeting and you should know that, you all here today are leaders and you must show it by example.

Once again I welcome you all in today’s general meeting and I thank you all, even with your busy schedule you are still able to accept our invitation and also able to come because of your love for Nigerians in general.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hot News :Meet an officer of the Nigerian Union in Vietnam (MR SOMUADINA CHUKA EMMANUEL)

MR SOMUADINA CHUKA EMMANUEL A.K.A [OBOSI] is the Current Internal Auditor of the Nigerian Union in Vietnam (NUV).
He is one of the Founders of this great Union. With his zeal and sacrifices, he is among the top officers of the Union that ensure that Nigerians in Vietnam have a good image. He also contributes strongly, making sure that many Nigerians in Vietnam are living legally. As an intelligent officer in the Union, Somuadina Emmanuel popularly known as Obosi by all Nigerians in Vietnam is a leader by example to all Nigerians resident in Vietnam. Formally the Chairman Immigration Matters (CIM) of the Nigerian Union in Vietnam, a position he held from April 2009 to July 2010. Mr. Somuadina Emmanuel with his experience in Vietnam for 4years has succeeded and contributes in all quotas of the Union’s activity.
Presently the Chief Executive Officer of CESCA ROYAL CONCEPT LTD a Company that is into Trading , Exportation and Importation of all kinds of Goods in Vietnam with their Head office at No 894 Lac Long Quan. F.8 Tan Binh District, Ho chi minh City, Vietnam, Mr. Somuadina Emmanuel is a successful and respectable Businessman in Vietnam.
As the Internal Auditor of the Union, Mr. Somuadina Emmanuel shall have responsibility for the efficient preparation of the NUV’s account. He shall be responsible for ensuring that proper accounting procedures are followed. He shall liaise with the Vice President to effect a quarterly appraisal of the NUV’s account and shall have responsibility for ensuring that the current year’ audited account. He shall audit the NUV’s account semi annually. He shall carry out all such duties incidental to the office of the Internal Auditor.
You can contact Mr. Somuadina Emmanuel (Internal Auditor) on Telephone No: +84986315055 and Email: CESCAROYALCONCEPTLTD@YAHOO.COM or CHUKSCALLON@YAHOO.COM on Nigerian Union in Vietnam matters.

Hot News :Meet an officer of the Nigerian Union in Vietnam(MR EZENECHE UZOCHUKWU JEROME)

MR EZENECHE UZOCHUKWU JEROME (BLESSED TEN TEN) is the Treasurer of Nigerian Union in Vietnam (NUV). A position he held from April 2009 till date.
He is one of the officers of the Old Union that was re-elected into the Executive cabinet of the current Union in 2009.Popularly known as Blessed Ten Ten because of his unique Date of Birth i.e. October 10. Mr. Ezeneche Jerome is one of the first Africa Chief Representative Officer in Vietnam with his STK Industries Limited a division of STK Groups is the first Nigerian company established in Vietnam in 2007.
Ezeneche Jerome has work diligently for Nigerian Union in Vietnam. Apart from been the Treasurer of the Union, Ezeneche Jerome is mostly known with his efforts,making sure that there is peace among Nigerians in Vietnam.
A humanitarian of highest extreme, Ezeneche Jerome is the Coordinator of the Nigerian Union first visit to the Motherless Home in Quchi area of Ho chi minh City, Vietnam. His Company STK Industries Limited is into Trading, Business consultation and Air &Sea freight services. They also operate one of the best African restaurants in Vietnam. STK Industries Limited head office is located at No 190a Quach Dinh Bao Street, Phu Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District in Ho Chi Minh City.
As the Treasurer of the Union, Mr. Ezeneche Jerome shall prepare semi – annual budgets for approval by the Union. He shall receive and pay into the Union’s bank account designated for that purpose all monies received by him on behalf of the Union within 72 hours thereof. He shall not be obliged to pay any bill save the payment voucher prepared by him or the financial secretary unless it has been signed at the Executive meeting by the President or the Vice President and the Financial Secretary and the recipient of the said payment. He shall together with the President and the Financial Secretary sign all cheques, legal tenders or vouchers however called. He shall carry out all duties incidental to the office of the Treasurer.
You can contact Mr. Mr. Ezeneche Jerome on Telephone Nos: +84862676233 & +84907258801 and Email: on Nigerian Union in Vietnam matters.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Latest News


His excellence Senator Azores Umaru,
The Ambassador Nigeria Embassy in the Kingdom of Thailand,
The President Nigerian Community Association in Thailand (Mr. Lloyd Nwofor),
The entire staffs of the Nigeria Embassy in the Kingdom of Thailand
The Executive Arm of the Nigerian Community Association in Thailand,
The Chairman Organizing Committee of this great event,
Distinguished Guest,
Members of the Press,
Ladies and Gentlemen

It’s a great honor and privilege for me and other Nigerian representatives from Vietnam to be here today and celebrate with you the 50years Anniversary of our great Nation (Nigeria). I consider myself fortunate having the Opportunity to address you all on this sacred day of our Independent. On this auspicious occasion, I extend my hearty greetings to you all.

My special thanks goes to the Ambassador of Nigeria to Thailand, His Excellency Senator Azores Umaru, The President Nigerian Community Association in Thailand, Mr. Lloyd Nwafor and all members of the Organizing Committee of this great event for their tireless effort and initiative ,making sure that we all here can celebrate 50years of our great Nation in a wonderful way.

Today is most certainly a day of happiness and pride for us. We are proud of our freedom. We are proud of our democracy. We are proud of our values and ideals. But we should also remember that it has taken the sacrifices of our forefathers to bring us where we are today. Our well being and progress have been built upon the foundation of the hard work and sacrifices of our freedom fighters, the brave Sudana of Sokoto, Alhaji Tafawa Balewa, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and Chief Nnamdi Azikwe and so on.

Today, we remember all those martyrs who laid down their lives for the freedom and security of our country. The best way of paying homage to those brave sons of our country will be to resolve today that we will always stay committed to strengthening the unity and integrity of our nation. Let us all together take a vow that we will spare no effort to take Nigeria to greater heights.

Nigerian Association in Thailand have made a great and positive signal to all Nigerians in the Diaspora ,a signal that will make us serve our father land with love , strength and faith, a signal that will make we all in the Diaspora build a Nigerian community where peace and justice shall reign.

I would also share with you all today the secret that lead to the success of the Nigerian Association in Vietnam. The secret that brought smiles back to faces of more than 300 Nigerians in Vietnam. It’s simply the 14 Principle of Human Relation which says….

H Have self confidence
U Understand the viewpoint of others
M Make yourself the friend of all
A Admit it when you are wrong
N Never make promises you cannot keep

R Respect and courtesy are important
E Explain thoroughly
L Look, listen & learn
A Avoid arguments
T Try to be approachable and sociable
I Insist on selfless service to the community
O Others first, self last
N Never criticize in public
S Stress and positive always

My beloved Nigerians in Thailand, Nigeria is a Country considered by many nations as the Giant of Africa, a Country full on milk and honey, a Country blessed with talents in all fields all over the world and a country blessed with you and me. The future of our great Nation is in our hands. I hereby plead with you leaders here today that we should keep on finding ideas that will lead our great nation to the dreams of our fathers.

We might think we are at this point uniting Nigerians but we might end up bringing all Africans and blacks together by changing the minds of all black nations with our courage and sacrifices.

Lastly, on behalf of all Nigerian Union members in Vietnam (NUV) I say thank you to the Ambassador, the President (NCAT) and his Executives, all the Nigeria Embassy staffs, the Organizers of this great event and to all Nigerians residing in Thailand.

May GOD bless and be with you all.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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The president,
Nigeria Community Association, Vietnam.
September 24,2410"
file#: 0981 2/ncaU09120 1 0
Dear Sir,
Greetings from the Nigerian Community Association of Thailand.
As you may be aware, Nigerians in Thailand will be celebrating their National Day on
Saturday 2M October, 2010. The venue for this auspicious Golden Jubilee event is at Ariston
Hotel Bangkok; the time is 6:00pm prompt.
The executive members of the Nigerian Community Association of Vietnam are cordially
invited to the above function.
The Ambassador of Nigeria to Thailand, His Excellency Senator Azores Umaru and other
high profiled dignitaries in and outside Thailand has already confirmed their attendance.
We are looking forward to your confirmation.
The president and the NCAT executive send their warmest regards.
Steve Ugochukwu O.
Assistant Secretary

Sunday, September 19, 2010


The Editor in Chief, Mr. Nguyen Quang Thong 16/09/2010
Thanhnien Newspaper
248 Cong Quynh Street, Q.1
Ho Chi Minh City

Dear Editor,


In response to your recent publications about Nigerians and their activities in Vietnam, I would like to inform you that it’s a welcome idea by me; also I would like to make some contributions, advice and I shall be using this medium to tell you more about our organization named, NIGERIAN UNION IN VIETNAM (NUV)

This is not the first time some Nigerians will be traced with some activities that are against the rules and laws guiding Vietnamese and Nigerians. I would like to inform you that just few (less than 1%) of Nigerians leaving in Vietnam are the once spoiling the good image of our beloved country (The Giant of Africa) Nigeria with their bad activities such as,
1. Drug trafficking
2. Internet hackers
3. Hacking bank accounts of foreigners and reproducing fake dollars which are always mentioned in most Vietnamese newspapers since I arrived in Vietnam late 2008.

I would also like to inform you that majority of Nigerians living in Vietnam are successful in their profession, well mannered and, of high integrity such as…
1 Teachers in some Vietnamese Universities, Colleges, Primary, Nursery schools and, English centers.
2 Textile business
3 Football players mostly in the Vietnam football league.
4 Exportation of goods from Vietnam to Nigeria e.g. Rice and Cosmetics.

With all these mentioned above, I would like to use this medium to tell you that not all Nigerians in Vietnam are bad and corrupt and, that the good one’s amongst Nigerians working with valid documents are the one’s suffering from all this act of some so called Nigerians that want to tarnish our image with their selfish ways. With this, I plead with you also, to please consider finding some positive information about some Nigerians who are living and doing genuine business in Vietnam and let the world know about their purpose and goals in Vietnam.

Also as regards to your last publication, I would like to inform you that, the pictures on your dailies about the 5 Nigerians that your sister company (PHU NU Magazine) put on their newspapers was TOTALLY wrong.

These 5 people are, a black Australian, a Nigerian (former President of Nigerian Union in Vietnam) who just came into Vietnam a month ago for holidays from his base in France and, 3 other members of our great Union in Vietnam who are well established, well behaved and highly disciplined people that are against any bad act by any Nigerian in Vietnam. But unfortunately these are people whose faces are on your newspapers describing them as criminals in Vietnam .Is this fair sir?

We are totally in support of any of your publications that show the faces of the bad ones amongst us but we are totally against any article from your newspaper or any publishing house that shows the faces of the innocent and obedient Nigerians among us involving them in illegal acts in Vietnam without thorough investigation.

At this end, I would like to introduce myself and our non- profit oriented organization to you sir.

My name is Solomon Bamidele Junior and I am the President of Nigerian Union in Vietnam.
The Nigerian Union in Vietnam is a non-profit organization that was established by Nigerians in Vietnam in 2008 to cater for the welfare of all Nigerians in Vietnam and also to assist the Vietnamese government by making sure that various crimes traced to Nigerians are totally eradicated among Nigerians in Vietnam because we noticed then that some crop of Nigerians are ready to spoil our image. The existence of this great Union and our hard work have yield many positive results. We have been able to bring out the bad once among Nigerians in Vietnam who are engaged in series of activities that are against the laws of Vietnam and handed them over to the Vietnamese Authorities for necessary prosecutions. All officers of the Union are working day and night, making sure that Nigerians will never disturb the peace of other residences and will abide to the rules and guidelines of the Union.

With all said sir, am still pleading with you to put efforts towards informing the World through your Newspapers that not all Nigerians in Vietnam are bad and that there are still reasonable, hardworking and God fearing Nigerians in Vietnam.

I am ready to provide you with more positive information about Nigerians and our activities in Vietnam anytime I am called upon.


Yours Faithfully,
Solomon Bamidele Junior (President Nigerian Union in Vietnam)
Website; ( EMAIL- PHONE NUMBER- 01236310058

Thursday, April 22, 2010

His Excellency President Umaru Musa Yar’adua(President Federal Republic of Nigeria)

Our great leader,Nigerians in Vietnam pray for you.We love you and wish you well in the name of ALLAH.

James C. Nwazuoke

Leader by example.

James C. Nwazuoke is the former President Nigerian union in Vietnam(N.U.V)

He was one of the pioneers of this great Union and the leader that was so loved by all Nigerians in Vietnam.He creates positive awareness for all Nigerians in Vietnam and he is a vehement preacher of equal right and justice for all Nigerians resident in Vietnam.

Presently in Switzerland, James C. Nwazuoke serves as the Union President from April 2009 to October 2009.

During his short tenure as the President, he spend much of his time in making sure that Nigerians in Vietnam are well established.

James C. Nwazuoke is an icon among Nigerians that can never be forgotten by all Nigerians in Vietnam.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Worst Leaders: written by Solomon Bamidele Junior(President NUV)

The worst leaders lack energy and enthusiasm
. They see new initiatives as a burden, rarely volunteer, and fear being overwhelmed. One such leader was described as having the ability to “suck all the energy out of any room.”

Accept their own mediocre performance. They overstate the difficulty of reaching targets so that they look good when they achieve them. They live by the mantra “Under promise and over deliver.”

Lack clear vision and direction. They believe their only job is to execute. Like a hiker who sticks close to the trail, they’re fine until they come to a fork

Have poor judgment. They make decisions that colleagues and subordinates consider to be not in the organization’s best interests.

Don’t collaborate. They avoid peers, act independently, and view other leaders as competitors. As a result, they are set adrift by the very people whose insights and support they need.

Don’t walk the talk. They set standards of behavior or expectations of performance and then violate them. They’re perceived as lacking integrity.

Resist new ideas. They reject suggestions from subordinates and peers. Good ideas aren’t implemented, and the organization gets stuck.

Don’t learn from mistakes. They may make no more mistakes than their peers, but they fail to use setbacks as opportunities for improvement, hiding their errors and brooding about them instead

Lack interpersonal skills. They make sins of both commission (they’re abrasive and bullying) and omission (they’re aloof, unavailable, and reluctant to praise).

Fail to develop others. They focus on themselves to the exclusion of developing subordinates, causing individuals and teams to disengage.

Nigerian Union executive and congress members, we are now in a position of a leader, many out there are expecting much from us.The Vietnamese authority, immigration, police and our brothers in Vietnam and beyond count on us. We should all try and make them proud. Let’s live in unity and one voice and at the end we will be able to achieve what we are appointed for. Lets remember always UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.

The Nigerian Union by Trung Phan. from the word Ho chi minh

For years now, the Nigerian community in Vietnam has been under the magnifying glass for all the wrong reasons. A group of business-minded Nigerians are working to change their image. Words by Trung Phan.

Ho Chi Minh City Nigerian community has never had the best reputation. Visa problems, drug trafficking and money laundering offenses have all been linked to nationals of this African nation that is home to over 154 million citizens.

Tension between Vietnamese authorities and Nigerians came to a head in March of 2009 when Ho Chi Minh City police raided a number of rented houses in the districts of Thu Duc, Tan Phu and district 7 and arrested dozens of Africans, many holding passports from Nigeria. According to the police, the raids were the culmination of a campaign to target illegal residents in an attempt to reduce a wave of crimes committed by “foreigners.”

In response to the police actions, members from the Nigerian Union in Vietnam (NUV) met with the Vietnamese’s authorities to sort through the mess. Somuadina Chuka Emmanuel, the union’s chairman of immigration matters, was one of the key representatives during talks with the authorities.

“Some of those arrested were innocent,” says Emmanuel. “We wanted to work with the local government to allow those law-abiding citizens the right to stay in Vietnam.”

Established in 2007, the NUV was created as an intermediary with the Vietnamese government to create legal rights for Nigerians interested in doing business; not unlike the handful of chambers of commerce (CanCham, EuroCham etc.). An important role for the union, especially after the raids and the nationwide visa crackdown over the past half year, was to ease the immigration process for Nigerians looking to acquire visas, work permits and residential permits.

“We presented our union’s constitution to the Vietnamese government,” he explains. “As our guidelines coincided with Vietnam’s rules of law, the officials recognize us and then agreed to work together to determine who is legible to live in Vietnam.”

Becoming a Member

A significant fallout from March’s incident is that the number of Nigerians living in Saigon has now decreased. The union’s congress president, Nzeogu Gabriel Ikechukwu, estimates that the Nigerian expat population nearly tripled from 300, when he first arrived in 2007, to 800 before the raids.

“About 250 of our brothers voluntarily received tickets from Vietnam’s government to go home while another 200 went home on their own means,” Nzeogu says. “Now, there are probably 200 Nigerians living in Ho Chi Minh City and 180 of them are members of the union.”

With recognition from all the right people, membership in the union has effectively become a pre-requisite for Nigerians interested in moving to Vietnam and doing business here. To ensure its reputation and maintain good relations with authorities, strict standards have to be met to join the union.

“If you want to join, we must inspect your business activities, travel history and criminal record,” explains the union’s current president, Solomon Bamidele Junior. “You must also agree to our constitution which lays out the principles for conducting one’s self in Vietnam. Our screening process is very stringent and while it may be difficult to ask one of our brothers to leave the country, we will if they have committed a crime.”

The efforts of the NUV have yielded largely positive results. Even though the community has thinned, the new standards have given those remaining an opportunity to conclude their marriage program, seek jobs and establish legal companies in Vietnam; all with the blessing of the government.

Staying Positive
To further aid business-minded Nigerians, the union is in talks with government officials to fully register the NUV. If granted, the members of the NUV will have increased legal rights in regards to conducting business here. Currently, most Nigerians in Vietnam play with football clubs, work as teachers or are involved in the purchase of excess stocks from textile manufacturers which are then sent back to Africa and other continents. Going forward, any party from Nigeria interested in coming here can only do so under a business pretense as tourist visas are no longer granted.

“If registered, we could legally represent any of our brothers if there are issues with Vietnamese’s and other foreign citizens in the future,” says Solomon.

The NUV has worked closely with the Nigerian Embassy in Hanoi and will continue to do so in the future on behalf of not only Nigerians but all Africans including those from Ghana, Cameroon and South Africa.A special appreciation goes to the Nigerian Ambassador to Vietnam Alhaji Sani Bako

“Our reputation has changed tremendously in the past six months,” says Solomon. “In the past, some so-called Nigerians decided to spoil the image of our beloved country through sheer arrogance and selfish acts but with the assistance of the Vietnamese authorities we are able to let the whole world know that not all Nigerians in Vietnam are bad.There are many reasonable and professional Nigerians living and working in Vietnam”.

Some officers of the N.U.V

from left up...Mr Ezeneche Jerome(Treasurer NUV,)Mr Ifeayin Oriego(Member NUV),HOnourble Nzeogu Gabriel(Congress President NUV),Mr Solomon Bamidele Junior(President NUV),Mr Robin(Representative of the Vietnamese government),Mr Jide Majekodunmi,Mr Solomon Nwabueze a.k.a Lar(Legal officer NUV),Mr Collins Nwanesi(Financial secretary NUV)

from left down...Mr Somuadina Emmanuel Chuks(CIM NUV),Mr Vinh((Representative of the Vietnamese government),Honorable Ernest Ike(Congress member)and Honorable Ojiako Macdon(Congress Clark)

Faces of some Nigerians residing in Vietnam

from left...Mr Jide Majekodunmi,Mr Solomon Bamidele Junior(President NUV)Mr Otitteh Iyke and Papa Tim.

Faces of some Nigerians residing in Vietnam

from left..Mr Mikel Obodo,his friend and Mr Samson Chikelu

Tresurer Nigerian Union in Vietnam(NUV) Mr Ezeneche Uzochukwu Jerome(Blessed 10-10)Chief Representative officer of STK Industries Limited in Vietnam

QUOTE..We are here for change

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010



1. One passport-sized photograph
2. completed passport renewal form
3. an application letter
4. the original passport to be renewed
5. copy of valid resident permit


The certificates have to be forwarded to the ministry of foreign affairs in Abuja for onward transmission to the respective institutions in Nigeria with a view to ascertaining the authenticity/genuineness of the certificate before the Embassy could affix the necessary stamps on the documents.


The applicant must have residence permit, valid passport and a valid Vietnamese business visa along with the requirements in the attached ‘Guidelines of Nigerians proposing marriage to non –Nigerians in Vietnam’

President Nigerian Union in Vietnam

Nigerians are principled. Let's come together to make Nigeria proud.
In God we trust


The congress president,

The executive members,

The honorable congress members,

The chairman planning committee,

Distinguished guest,

Ladies and Gentlemen

First and foremost, I would like to thank almighty God for making today possible for us all to witness this great event and bringing us together with smiles on our faces.

May I also take this opportunity to welcome you all, and to extend a further word of welcome to everyone here this evening for our end of the year party

This year end of the year party of Nigerian union in Vietnam is certainly a moment that we should all savor and enjoy. If you take a quick look around you, I'm sure you will all agree that our Nigerian union in Vietnam has come a long way in the last few months

I am using this medium to extend my gratitude to the chairman planning committee of this event Mr. Jerome ezeneche (Blessed 10-10) and his team for their role to make it possible for this event to become a reality

It all started as a dream. Nigerian union in Vietnam envisioned the dream of establishing a world class union that will be an example to all Nigerians and Africans in Vietnam and would mold and guide future generations of enlightened minds.

As the officers of the union began work through our selfless service, it faced a quandary: there was very little support. There was no published analysis. Different stakeholders and interest groups did not pronounce publicly that they are part of the union because they were not well informed about the aims and goals of the union. We knew from our faith that it is fundamental to who we are, individually and as a body, but there were no markers or measures to guide us as we applied our minds to the challenge of enhancing welfare for all Nigerians in Vietnam. So we began this serious task by making sure there is discipline among Nigerians in Vietnam and preaching the good news to all Nigerians that if want peace to rain among us all, we must savor first for equal right and justice. The extent of this work became far more than we initially contemplated.

Within the last 4months and with the help of all Nigerian union executive members, the honorable congress member’s, stakeholders and well behaved Nigerians we are able to achieve what many never expect within the short period.

We all know what we passed through the first quarter of this year when many of us run to the seas but the seas were boiling, when we ran to the rocks and the rocks are melting, where many of our brothers were arrested and deported, were some so called Nigerians decided to spoil the image of our beloved country through their arrogant and selfish act but with the assistance's of the Vietnamese’s authorities and the way the officers of the union organize ourselves we are able to let the whole world know that not all Nigerians in Vietnam are bad.

With this and with the help of God, we are able to plead and convince the Vietnamese authorities to stop the massive arrest and also granting visas to many Nigerians to legalize their stay in Vietnam.

Within the last 4months, many Nigerians have been issue visas; many have secured their wok permit, and many more with their residential permit.

Many Nigerians have use this great opportunity to conclude their marriage rite’s, seeking for jobs and also becoming a director of their own by establishing a legal company in Vietnam.

My beloved brothers, year 2010 will be a great and year of fulfillment when we will go beyond all this and establish our union to be one of the best Nigerian union in the Diaspora.

Our goals for 2010 includes the following

1. Registration of the union

2. Ensuring total discipline among Nigerians in Vietnam

3. Assist in creating an enable and conducive environ for all Nigerians that are coming for business activities

4. Making sure visa policies will be more flexible to all Nigerians

5. Creating awareness through publication of Nigerian union magazine and visiting media houses across the country

6. Making sure that all the homeless amongst all Nigerians are accommodated and assisted with job opportunities.

7. Making use of the constitution of the Nigerian union in Vietnam to guide the image and reputation of all Nigerians in all areas.

For us to achieve all this, we shall need the help of all stakeholders among Nigerians, men of integrity and unity among ourselves with love and understanding.

We all know that nobody expect a Blackman with his trace from Africa to become the president of the strongest nation in the world but today His Excellence Barracks Obama the first black president of the united state of America have lay a milestone of artistic excellence for all of us to emulate.

In our daily taught, we should remember people like Nelson Mandela who fought for Africa freedom, Archbishop Desmond Tutu for his word on peace and our own Professor Wole Soyinka for his canvass for equal right and justice so that we can achieve great success in a short while.

Lastly I welcome you all once again to this great event and I thank our well wishers for coming to grace this occasion because of their love for Nigerians in general.

We should all feel free and enjoy a wonderful end of the year party because what the lord have done for us, we cannot tell it all.

May God bless us all

Thank you

Cam on.